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Located 725 Area Code Connections

Located 725 Area Code Connections - My Country Mobile

Located 725 Area Code Connections Union Home Mortgage, a prestigious lender, has been operating at total capacity since the outbreak of the quarantines. This is primarily because it had the foresight and implemented the right cloud communications system long before the pandemic. As a result, the company could go the extra mile to help customers and make homeownership more affordable for all.

Located 725 Area Code Connections

Union Home Mortgage’s leadership team decided that all 175 office locations across the country would be closed. The IT department realized they were in a good position for a smooth transition since they had already rolled out  .one year earlier. Amanda Coyne – the IT Infrastructure Team Lead at the company – points out the  .system’s simplicity and ease of use. This allowed the company to quickly recreate communications workflows that its Partners, lending officers, were used to.Amanda explains, “For inbound selling calls, for example,” Amanda says, “Our standard process is to have those routed to assistants, which then transfer them to the appropriate lending officer. The phone platform is so easy to use that we could reproduce the same experience for everyone at home.

A smooth remote-work transition

The all-in-one cloud platform allowed the company’s 1,200 Partners to take and make business telephone calls from any smartphone or computer, have video conferences with customers, exchange SMS texts, send and receive digital faxes, and host video conference calls.UHM, just like many other businesses, had never previously operated with remote workers. As a result, it would have taken the tech team a few weeks to get the company moving to their new working environment at home. However, mark Langhans from UHM, Chief Information Officer, said that “things went much better than we expected.” “We were 100% remote within just a few hours.  .was the only thing that could have made this possible.


Serving customers and promoting their businesses in a short time

Union Home Mortgage may have been grateful for the flexibility to handle stay-at-home orders while maintaining its business operations. Still, the company gained far more than just the smooth transition to remote working. UHM partially credits  .in helping to achieve the highest loan volume. Mark explains that the company sets new production records every month. However, the company attributes most of its production growth to more significant factors, like historically low interest. Record-high demand refinancing due to the economic shutdown. He said that  .was a key to some of our recent success.  .made it possible for us to meet increased borrower demand and maintain our productivity.

Located 725 Area Code Connections

Each day, thousands of potential and actual patients call the Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. The Rothman Orthopaedic Institute helps everyone from professionals to students to seniors. This organization is one of the most well-respected and respected orthopedic practices nationwide and needs a reliable. Flexible phone solution. Rothman Orthopaedic Institute’s technology team began to search for a phone platform that could accommodate. The increasing demands of its growing call centers after their legacy system became inefficient.